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Super successful field work!

28 October 2019

From all accounts, our collective field season in 2019 was fantastic!!  Avery and her team got superb data at Country Island, NS, Jessie and her team got excellent results from tracking gulls and collecting colony samples around southern NS, Nick has recovered all of the info he needs for his Roseate Project, Julia started off with flying colours looking at Arctic plastic debris, Alex and Safyha Byran and Julia Crews and David Krug and Rhyl Frith got great data for their BSc work, and Kristen has been plowing through 100s of 1000s of photos from her eider shelter project. Importantly, we recovered all sorts of geolocators from Arctic Terns at sites across North America (yeah!) for Joanna's MSc.  Dani's getting some nice results on elements, isotopes and fatty acids in her PhD, and Sarah G. has been leaping forward with her post-doc research on Arctic marine bird breeding. Finally, Kristin had a superb field season studying loon reproduction in Ontario lakes. So, it's been a great season - take 'em when you get 'em!!

Mallory Lab increases work around Nova Scotia - we've got you covered!

3 November 2018

After returning from sabbatical, Mark has taken on several students and is initiating new projects around Nova Scotia. We have Avery working on terns at Country Island in the Northeast, a new student working on eiders at the Eastern Shore Islands, Sarah G. working up data from around the province on Harlequin Ducks and Purple Sandpipers, Jessie working at Brier and Bear islands in the Southwest, and hopefully gull work at Bon Portage and in the Minas Basin.  Julia will be leading some province-wide plastics work, and Lauren will bring in a marine-derived nutrients angle.

New post-doctoral student in the lab!

1 October 2016

Following the successful defense of her PhD at Carleton University, Jennifer Provencher (Dr.!) joins the Mallory Lab to do her post-doctoral work examining marine plastic debris as a vector for contaminant transport.

The ducks rule

21 April 2016

Matt English defended his thesis like a pro and is now officially a duck expert! Wouh!!!!!


8-13 February 2016

Enjoying the Hawaiian sun. Great conference at the Turtle Bay resort. Christine, Liam, Isabeau and Travis did all an amazing job presenting their research. Christine and Travis ended up with an award for their oral presentation. Good job guys!

Good time in Cape Town

26-30 October 2015

Mallory lab folks shined at the World Seabird Conference. 

Christine Anderson, Dani Fife, Isabeau Pratte, Sarah Wong and past lab-mates Shanti Davis and Mark Maftei presented their work in Cape Town, South Africa, last month. 

Waterbirds conference 2015 - Bar Harbour, Maine

11-15 August 2015

Christine Anderson presents her directed study on contaminants and trophic level in Arctic terns breeding at Nasaruvaalik Is. Well done!

New article from the Wildlife Society

29 June 2015

Seabirds as vector of pollutant transfer in Nova Scotia.

ROGU king is speaking.

20 June 2015

Here's a Quirks & Quarks interview with my (completed) MSc student Mark Maftei, on work he led at our field site at Nasaruvaalik Island.

Matthew first peer-reviewed paper!

10 June 2015

Plastic and metal ingestion in three species of coastal waterfowl wintering in Atlantic Canada. In Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Mercury in Canadian birds. 

10 June 2015

Here's a magazine summary of a recent scientific paper we put out on mercury in Canadian birds

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