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Field work and Research sites

Beaubassin research station

Beaubassin Field Station (41.85 N, 64.28 W) is a facility jointly owned by Acadia University, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Irving Oil. It rests just west of the Nova Scotia / New Brunswick border, at the head of the Bay of Fundy, and in the Tantramar Marsh complex.

Gannet Islands

These islands are home to tremendous seabird colonies and are provincially protected in Newfoundland and Labrador. They have been the site of long-term seabird research and monitoring, and our lab is the most recent to join that research tradition.  Work here is conducted in collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Eastern Shore Islands

This field site has been a focal area for research on common eiders and other marine birds, and will be part of a major food web / contaminant transfer study starting in 2017.

Duck research

The lab has been very active since 2013 looking at diet, movement ecology and adult survival of several waterfowl and marine bird species in Maritime Canada.

Nasaruvaalik Island

This is the High Arctic field station at which my team and collaborators have conducted research since 2007 on ground-nesting marine birds and their effects on local wetlands, as well as contamination levels in local biota.

Prince Leopold Island
This High Arctic site is a gem in the crown of Canadian Arctic seabird colonies, and is the site of over 30 years of Arctic seabird population and contaminant monitoring.


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